Earning Aces: 2024 Pickleball Pros Earning More Than You Think

In this blog post, we’re diving into the fascinating world of pickleball, a popular sport that’s capturing the hearts of many. If you’re searching to understand how pro pickleball players make a living, you’ve landed in the right place. We’ll discuss 2024 Pickleball Pros Earning the various sources of income for these athletes, from winning tournaments to securing sponsorships and endorsements. It’s not just about the game; it’s about the strategy and hustle off the court too.

As someone who has followed the sport closely, I’ve seen firsthand how players compete at a professional level and discover new opportunities to boost their earnings. This post aims to reveal the ins and outs of their financial journeys, giving you a better idea of the earning potential of top pickleball players. By the end, you’ll be more informed about the economic aspects of the sport, encouraging you to read on and find out even more about the lucrative side of pickleball.

Earning Aces: 2024 Pickleball Pros Earning More Than You Think

2024 Pickleball Pros Earning

Curious about the earnings of a pro pickleball player? On average, these athletes make around $50,000 per year, but it doesn’t stop there. Many rake in significantly more, depending on their skill level, popularity, and success in various competitions. The world of professional pickleball is as competitive as it is lucrative, offering more than just a game to those who excel.

What is a “pro” pickleball player?

In the world of pickleball, being a pro means you’re at the top of your game. Historically, there are two categories of pros. First, there are touring pros, who get paid extra for playing in lots of tournaments. They’re like the travelling stars of pickleball, and the PPA touring pros are some of the best-known. Then there’s the pro division, which is a bit tougher to get into. It requires a minimum rating and a higher entry fee, but it’s worth it.

Here, up-and-comers have the ability to play against the best and can earn prize money by winning matches. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting, making it in the pro division is a big deal because it’s all about skill, strategy, and how well you play the game.

Different Sources of Earning Through Pickleball

For those looking to make a living in sports, pickleball offers various earning sources beyond just winning games. It’s essential to participate in multiple activities within the sport to maximize income. This brief guide will explore the different avenues available, from coaching and clinics to sponsorships and merchandise sales. 

1. Prize Winnings in Pickleball

In 2024, pro pickleball players are finding that winning prizes in tournaments is just the beginning of their income journey. These tournament winnings serve as a crucial piece of the puzzle, offering a significant boost to a pickler’s income. It’s important to remember, though, that this income source isn’t always reliable. Prize money can vary widely from one competition to the next, and even the top pickleball players can’t bank on winning every time they compete. Beyond tournament winnings, players are expanding their financial horizons by seeking out sponsorships, securing endorsements, offering coaching services, and engaging in merchandise sales.

This approach to diversifying their earnings not only helps to create a more stable and sustainable income stream but also ensures they have the support they need for a long-term career in the sport. While tournament winnings are an important part of their earnings, savvy players rely on a mix of income sources to maintain their lifestyle and financial security.

2. Impact of Endorsement Deals and Sponsorships

For pro pickleball players, endorsement deals and sponsorships have become a significant source of income as the sport has gained popularity. With more companies looking to sponsor athletes, from equipment manufacturers to sports clothing brands, the potential money a player can earn from an endorsement deal can greatly vary. It often depends on the company, the player’s popularity, and their social media following. Those with a strong fan base and a strong public image tend to attract more lucrative deals, involving not just equipment and clothing, but also food and drink products.

Players with a good reputation can find themselves raking in well over $50k a year, with top pros in the sport making much more through signature deals with paddle manufacturers, appearances in drink commercials, or even DUPR commercials. Top-tier pros often find themselves banking on sponsorships, with individual deals ranging from a few thousand dollars for a commercial appearance to multi-year paddle deals worth multi-millions. This diversity in income streams highlights the importance of not only excelling in tournaments but also building a personal brand to maximize earning potential in the competitive world of professional pickleball.

3. Leveraging the Digital Age for Training and Earnings

Earning Aces: 2024 Pickleball Pros Earning More Than You Think

In today’s digital age, pro pickleball players have unprecedented opportunities to make money online. Thanks to the widespread availability of smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other electronic devices, players can now learn and train remotely from the comfort of their homes. This has opened up a new avenue for beginners eager to learn how to play pickleball and for seasoned players to refine their skills. A wealth of information is available on various websites and other online sources, making training more accessible than ever before.

For those without easy access to nearby courts, online coaching programs offer a way to develop skills and master the sport. This form of learning and practice is not only affordable but also a lifeline for financially-strained players. Although physical learning is often seen as ideal, online coaching provides a flexible and accessible means to hone skills and advance careers. Many pro players have transitioned into online coaches, sharing their expertise and providing value to students worldwide.

At the end of a course, it’s not uncommon for an online coach to offer commemorative gifts, such as Custom Keychains with unique elements imprinted on them, to mark the precious experience. These small tokens not only show appreciation but also encourage students to recommend the coaching to others, potentially growing the coach’s career and making it more prosperous. The growing popularity of online coaching means players can now train with some of the best coaches in the world, regardless of where they live.

4. YouTube Vlogging: A New Arena for Pickleball Pros

Many professional pickleball players are now turning to YouTube vlogging as a creative and engaging way to earn money. By starting their own YouTube channels, they’re not just showcasing their games but also offering valuable tips and tricks, and providing commentary on the sport. This allows them to monetize their channels and earn money while promoting pickleball to a wider audience. Vlogging has become an excellent way for players to share their knowledge and love for the sport, all while making a living.

The increased viewership has caught the attention of companies within the pickleball industry, leading to sponsorship of popular channels and product endorsements. These collaborations provide additional income opportunities for pickleball pros, helping them to establish themselves as experts in their field and build a strong following of fans and supporters. Not only does this support them financially, but it also contributes to the growth and development of the sport, encouraging more people to pick up a paddle and start playing.

For those pickleball players who also have a knack for creativity, they might explore unique gifts like customizing EnamelPins Inc., which can have a wide range of applications, including collecting. By monetizing their channel, they soon realize the potential pro pickleball players have to make money in 2024 through digital platforms, broadening the scope of earning beyond traditional courts.

5. Coaching and Clinics: Beyond the Court Earnings

Many pros in the pickleball world turn to coaching and clinics to supplement their tournament winnings. This can range from a single one-hour coaching session to multi-day clinics and camps, like the ones offered by Tyson McGuffin at his TM Signature PB Camps, where the price tag can hit $320 per day, per person. The cost usually reflects how popular the player is and their success on the tournament scene. With the boom in pickleball players across the world, there’s plenty of room for seasoned players to make a living through teaching and sharing their expertise in the sport.

6. Capitalizing on Product Sales

Pickleball players are boosting their income by selling products such as clothing, equipment, and accessories. Using their websites and social media pages, especially during tournaments, helps them reach a wide audience. A strong public image and a good reputation are crucial for players to sell products successfully and increase their earnings.

The amount of money players make from product sales can vary, depending on how well-known the player is and how much people want their products. By having a good social media presence, players can promote their products more effectively, leading to higher sales. This way of making money has become an important part of many players’ incomes, showing that being good at the sport and knowing how to market yourself can really pay off.

7. Tournament Prize Money

When discussing the earnings of professional pickleball players, it’s crucial to understand that many rely on tournament prize money as their primary source of income. Worldwide competitions are organized to give players the opportunity to amass significant financial rewards. The victories in these tournaments can see players earn payouts reaching up to figures like 100,000 dollars for a single event. It’s important to note, however, that this money is typically divided among the winners, and there’s rarely a single winner taking home the full amount. From my own experience within the sport, I’ve observed how these winnings can be a game-changer for many athletes.

However, relying solely on prize money to sustain a professional career in pickleball can be challenging. The nature of the sport is highly competitive and unpredictable, making it essential for players to diversify their income streams. Beyond tournament winnings, significant income boosts come from additional sources like sponsorships and coaching clinics. These avenues not only offer a more stable income but also allow players to explore other earning opportunities within the sport.

To maximize their earning potential and build a sustainable career, it’s wise for athletes to leverage their skills and expertise in various areas of the exciting world of professional pickleball. This approach not only enhances their financial stability but also contributes to the growth and popularity of the sport. As someone deeply involved in the pickleball community, I’ve witnessed firsthand the positive impact of players expanding their horizons beyond just competing.

Prize Money for Some Major Tournaments

Earning Aces: 2024 Pickleball Pros Earning More Than You Think

1. Association of Pickleball Professionals (APP)

Beyond the U.S. Open, the APP orchestrates other key tournaments like the Professional Beach Bash and the Pro-Am Grand Slam, each offering its own enticing prize money to the winners. My journey in the pickleball community has allowed me to witness the excitement and competitive spirit these tournaments evoke, not just for the thrill of the game but also for the significant financial incentives they offer to the winning talents.

2. Pro Pickleball Association (PPA)

The Pro Pickleball Association (PPA), a premier professional pickleball league, provides players the opportunity to earn significant prize money. As the leading league in the sport, PPA organizes annual competitions with a prize pool that can reach up to $200,000. These tournaments are divided into team and individual categories, allowing for a wide range of participants to showcase their skills. Beyond these major events, the PPA also hosts regional tournaments offering substantial cash prizes.

Although these are comparatively lower than the yearly events, players who win their respective regional tournaments are guaranteed a minimum payout of $10,000, with the potential to receive extra rewards through sponsorships from leading companies like Wilson and Franklin Sports, especially with exceptional performance in competitions.

Navigating through the world of professional pickleball has been an exhilarating journey for me. From my personal experience, the thrill of competing in the PPA league, where the stakes are high and the competition fierce, is unmatched. The opportunity to go head-to-head with some of the best in the league not only pushes players to their limits but also opens doors to earn through prize money and sponsorships. The annual and regional tournaments hosted by the PPA serve as a testament to the league’s commitment to nurturing talent and providing a platform where players can truly shine.

The prize pool of $200,000 is a significant motivator, but it’s the spirit of the game and the chance to make a mark in the professional pickleball community that truly drives the passion within.

3. USA National Pickleball Championship

The USA National Pickleball Championship is an annual highlight in the pickleball calendar, moving yearly to different locations across the country. It’s not just a tournament; it’s a gathering that brings together the best pickleball players from the United States. This two-day championship tournament is the culmination of the season’s efforts for many, where winners can earn up to $10,000 in prize money. It’s not only the champions who take something home; participants who secure second and third place also receive additional prizes, making the competition fierce and the games more thrilling.

From my firsthand experience diving into the fray, the tournament is more than just a competition; it’s a festival of skill and camaraderie among the top echelons of pickleball players in America. Each year, players come eagerly participating, eyeing not only the lucrative prize money but also the chance for sponsorships and to contribute to charity organizations, as a portion of the tournament’s proceeds often go towards generous causes. Standing on the courts, amidst the country’s prestigious tournaments, the sense of community and the level of play elevate the USA National Pickleball Championship into an event that every pickleball player marks on their calendar.

Major League Pickleball’s Impact on Earnings

Since its inception in 2021, Major League Pickleball (MLP) has rapidly changed the scene for professional players, significantly increasing both prize money and notoriety in the sport. By 2023, MLP expanded into two leagues: the Pro League and the Challenger League, thereby creating additional opportunities for pro players to earn income in this fast-growing pro sport. In an elite move, a total of 96 players were drafted in 2023, showcasing the league’s commitment to fostering talent and providing a new category of professional play. Through MLP, pickleball has not only found a wider audience but has also given its top athletes a platform to shine and secure their financial future in the sport.

The Financial Titans of Pro Pickleball

Earning Aces: 2024 Pickleball Pros Earning More Than You Think

Motivation runs high among senior players and beginners alike in the pickleball world, where becoming a Top Pro is not just about skill but also about the financial rewards that come with it. Famous players in the sport earn their position through a combination of tournament wins, championship titles, and top performances in major competitions worldwide. For these athletes, prize money from tournaments is a significant source of income, but the most lucrative earnings often come from sponsorships. Brands are keen to align with successful and popular athletes, as they gain substantial publicity in the process.

To truly understand the financial landscape of professional pickleball, one must examine the net worth of the top 22 famous pickleball players as of 2024. This insight provides not only a glimpse into the potential earnings for aspiring pros but also highlights the sport’s growth and the valuable asset that high-profile players represent. Their stories and successes serve as a beacon, encouraging others to pursue a professional career in pickleball and strive for the pinnacle of achievement in this dynamic and expanding sport.

Mary Brascia1 million $
Matt Wright5.4 millions $
Catherine Parenteau2 million $
Lucy Lucykova1.5 million $
Riley Newman1.4 million $
Anna Bright1.2 million $
Zane Navratil0.557 million $
Callie Jo Smith0.5 million $
Jessie Irvine0.5 million $
Hayden Patriquin50K $
Ben Johns4 million $
Simone Jardin25.6 million $
Tyson McGuffin4 million $
James J Johnson2 millions $
Anna Leigh Waters1.4 million $
Colin Johns1.5 million $
Parris Todd0.5 million $
Tyler Loong0.4 million $
Lea Jansen0.55 million $
Salome Devidze5 million $
Alex Neumann100 million $
Eugenie Bouchard6 million $

The Ascent of Pickleball Player Earnings

The future of pickleball player salaries looks incredibly bright, as the sport is growing rapidly. This growth is not just in terms of players and fans, but also sponsors, all of which have a positive impact on salaries. As a professional player myself, I’ve witnessed first-hand the dedication required in training and competing. It’s reassuring to see that salaries are on the up, determined by a variety of factors including tournament earnings, endorsement deals, sponsorships, product sales, and coaching clinics.

The salaries of players are also enhanced by their social media presence, player rankings, and performance on the court. Regardless of gender, a strong work ethic and a good reputation can lead to significant amounts of money. This is an encouraging sign for any aspiring athlete considering a career in pickleball, or even a curious fan drawn to this exciting sport. The trajectory for player earnings is set to rise, making the professional pickleball circuit an attractive and lucrative arena for talented players.


  1. How hard is it to become pro in pickleball?

    Becoming a pro in pickleball demands dedication, skill refinement, and strategic play. With the sport’s growing popularity, competition intensifies, requiring consistent practice, coaching, and participation in tournaments. Success hinges on physical fitness, game understanding, and adaptability, making the journey challenging but achievable for committed individuals.

  2. Can anyone enter a pro-pickleball tournament?

    Yes, anyone interested in professional pickleball can register to compete in the Pro Qualifier Draw. Winners from this qualifying round secure their spots in the Main Draw, facing top-ranked players, while those who don’t win are seeded in the Points Draw, where they can still compete and earn points. This system ensures open access to tournaments, allowing emerging talents to challenge established pros.

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