Nude Pickleball Is Taking Off: A New Way to Play

As a regular at PICKLEBALLBEE, I’ve often heard the joke that pickleball is as much fun as one can have while wearing clothes. However, in the mainstream rise of this sport, clothing seems to have become optional. Free-spirited pickleheads in places from Savannah to San Diego are embracing an alternative way to enjoy pickleball, one that aligns with nature as intended—fully nude.

This nude form of the game, while rejecting conventional norms, is becoming surprisingly popular. It’s a thing, right? More people are playing pickleball in their natural state than you might think. As someone who’s witnessed this firsthand, I can attest to the unique, liberating experience it offers, challenging the norms in a fun and free-spirited manner.

Nude Pickleball Is Taking Off: A New Way to Play

The concept of playing a sport in the nude isn’t just about the freedom from clothing; it’s a testament to the appealing aspects of naturism. People often have tons of questions about this lifestyle, and pickleball serves as an engaging way to reveal the benefits of participating in sports naturally. As someone who’s experienced the joy and liberty of naturist sports, I can affirm that playing pickleball in the nude adds an exhilarating dimension to the game, making it more than just a sport but an experience in embracing nature.

What Is Nude Pickleball?

Nude pickleball is an innovative twist on the traditional sport, where players typically wear only socks, tennis shoes, and perhaps a hat or visor. Though it’s not easy to determine where it originated, Florida is a likely candidate due to its prominence in the pickleball world and the highest number of clothing-optional courts. This unique style of pickleball was first reported in the U.S. when an English couple visited Cypress Cove, a renowned nudist resort in Kissimmee. Here, they laid lines on existing tennis courts and began playing, introducing a new variation of the sport.

Mike Sullivan, a USA pickleball ambassador and resident of Cypress Cove, perfectly captures the essence of nude pickleball, proclaiming, “Pickleball is the biggest sport here – nothing else comes close.” His statement underlines the growing popularity and unique appeal of this sport, where freedom and playfulness merge, offering a distinctive experience far removed from traditional sporting norms.

This sport has caught on rapidly, demonstrating the evolving nature of recreational activities and how they adapt to different lifestyle choices. It showcases not just a game, but a culture of openness and acceptance, making nude pickleball more than just a physical activity, but a social experience in its own right.

Where are people playing pickleball nude?

Naturism, a culture feature in the US since the 1930s, is defined as non-sexual social nudity. Unlike just running around your house in the nip, true naturism involves a community aspect. In the realm of sports, this community spirit is epitomized by nude pickleball. Across the USA, nude recreationists gather at naturist resorts, RV parks, and beaches. Here, they enjoy their freedom from clothes, indulging in pastimes with like-minded peers.

These resorts solve the problem of public nudity being socially awkward or illegal. Favorite pastimes like happy-hour shuffleboard, playing ping pong, or holding tournaments in pickleball aren’t just activities; they’re a celebration of freedom and community. As someone who has experienced this liberating environment, I can confirm that the practice of pickleball in such settings is as unique as it is invigorating, fostering a sense of belonging and joy among participants.

Where Can You Play Nude Pickleball?

Nude Pickleball Is Taking Off: A New Way to Play

If you’re curious about where to give nude pickleball a go, here’s a list of places. The most famous is undoubtedly the Cypress Cove Nudist Resort in Kissimmee, Florida. According to Mike Sullivan, a respected USA Pickleball ambassador who lives there, pickleball is not just an activity; it’s the biggest sport at these sites. These venues offer various activities, with nude pickleball standing out as a highlight. Remember, when you decide to hit these courts, promise to wear plenty of sunscreen and don’t get too cocky while playing!

It’s not just about the sport; it’s about embracing a unique lifestyle. The Cypress Cove experience and similar places are more than just sites for playing pickleball; they’re a celebration of freedom and joy in a natural setting. Whether you’re tossing a cornhole or serving in pickleball, the ethos of fun and freedom remains constant.

1. Arizona

2. California

3. Connecticut

4. Florida

5. Indiana

6. Kansas

7. Massachusetts

8. New York

9. Texas

10. Washington

How naturism works?

Naturism, a concept originally conceived by a small group of men in British India towards the late 20th century, represents a significant shift in lifestyle and philosophy. Initially, this concept of living freely in harmony with nature did not catch on immediately.

It was only a few years later, following the advocacy of a German doctor, that naturism began to gain traction. His earnest promotion of the lifestyle played a pivotal role in spreading the ideology.

By the 1920s, naturism had evolved from a niche practice to a widespread movement across Europe. This movement wasn’t just about embracing nudity; it was a statement against the shackles of conventional societal norms. The philosophy of naturism then journeyed across the Atlantic, finding a new home and growing community in the United States. This expansion marked a significant milestone, as it indicated the global resonance of the naturist ideals.

The core ideals of naturism are both simple and profoundly positive. Naturists believe in the power of spending time naked, not as an act of exhibitionism, but as a means to free oneself from materialistic hang-ups. This practice fosters a freer life, promoting harmony with nature and the environment.

It’s an ethos that encourages stripping away not just physical garments but also societal labels and prejudices, championing the acceptance of all individuals, regardless of their age, race, gender, or body shape.

The terms ‘nudist’ and ‘naturist’ are often used interchangeably, but true adherents of naturism argue that there’s more to the lifestyle than mere nudity. To them, naturism is about a commitment to other ideals: living an environmentally friendly life, adopting vegetarianism, and embracing social equality. It’s a whole-life philosophy, extending beyond the enjoyment of sunbathing naked.

Activities like CaNude pickleball align perfectly with this philosophy, combining the joy of sport with the freedom and equality espoused by naturism.

How to enjoy pickleball naked?

For those used to public nudity, it’s not a challenge. However, for first-timers, there are hurdles to overcome. Trying anything new requires finding the right community. Imagine showing up to a summer evening’s pickleball tournament at your local park with no clothes on – it might not be the best introduction to nude pickleball. Therefore, it’s crucial to use our list above to find a space that’s appropriate for your naked pickleball initiation.

And remember to wear sunblock! When playing in the sunshine for a long time, especially if some delicate parts of your body haven’t seen the sun much, protection is key. Trust us, getting sunburn on those tender bits is far from pleasant. Navigating the world of nude pickleball is all about comfort, both in terms of social settings and personal care.

Footwear in the Nude Game

While clothing-optional pickleball sounds like a truly liberating experience, there are practical questions to consider, like what to wear on your feet. It’s relieving to report that nude pickleball players still opt for normal shoes. These shoes become essential, providing comfort and safety while you run around the court.

Pros Of Nude Pickleball

Increased Comfort: Without the restriction of clothing, players enjoy greater freedom of movement, leading to a more comfortable and unrestricted gameplay experience.

Heat Reduction: Playing nude helps keep the body cooler, especially in hot weather, as it avoids the discomfort of hot and sweaty clothing.

Enhanced Body: Confidence: Regular participation in nude pickleball can boost body confidence and self-esteem, as it encourages players to accept and appreciate their bodies as they are.

Simplified Gear: The game requires minimal gear – just a paddle, tennis shoes, and perhaps sunblock, eliminating the need for sportswear and reducing laundry.

Connection with Nature: Playing in the nude fosters a deeper connection with the natural environment, enhancing the overall outdoor experience.

Community and Acceptance: Nude pickleball often takes place in supportive and inclusive communities that embrace diversity and promote acceptance of all body types.

Lifestyle Integration: It aligns well with the naturist lifestyle, offering an activity that supports the philosophy of living freely and in harmony with nature.

Health Benefits: The sport provides all the physical health benefits of regular pickleball, such as improved coordination, balance, and cardiovascular health, while also promoting vitamin D absorption from sun exposure.

Cons of nude pickleball:

Sunburn Risk: Increased exposure to sunlight while playing nude can lead to a higher risk of sunburn, especially on parts of the body that are not usually exposed to the sun.

Physical Safety Concerns: The lack of protective clothing can increase the risk of skin abrasions or injuries, particularly if a player falls or dives for a ball.

Limited Locations: Due to social norms and legal restrictions, nude pickleball can only be played in specific, often private locations, limiting accessibility for interested players.

Initial Discomfort: For newcomers, playing a sport in the nude might be outside their comfort zone, leading to initial feelings of awkwardness or self-consciousness.

Social Stigma: Participants might face misunderstanding or judgment from others who are not familiar with or supportive of naturist activities.

Weather Dependent: Playing nude outdoors is highly dependent on favorable weather conditions, limiting opportunities to play during colder months or in less temperate climates.

Other Sports Often Played Nude

Naked Yoga: Increasingly popular, naked yoga offers a way to connect with the body and nature. Its popularity in search engines reflects a growing interest in combining physical fitness with body positivity and mental well-being.

Nude Swimming: Often the first sport that comes to mind when thinking of naturist activities, nude swimming is a classic and widely accepted form of naked recreation. This activity frequently tops lists of naturist activities and is a common entry point for those new to the lifestyle.

Barefoot Running: While not always completely nude, barefoot running is often associated with a more natural and minimalist approach to exercise. It’s a trending topic for those researching natural running techniques and minimalist sports.

Nude Hiking: Gaining traction among outdoor enthusiasts, nude hiking allows for a unique connection with nature. It’s a niche yet growing area in the realm of outdoor activities, often explored by those seeking new and immersive nature experiences.

Naturist Tennis: Playing tennis in the nude is another activity that’s gaining interest, particularly in private clubs and resorts. It’s a search-friendly topic for those looking into alternative and liberating ways to enjoy traditional sports.


In conclusion, nude pickleball presents a unique blend of sport and naturist philosophy, offering a liberating and enjoyable experience for its participants. While it fosters body confidence and a closer connection to nature, the sport also requires consideration of practical aspects like sun protection and physical safety. Limited to specific private locations, nude pickleball is a growing niche that resonates with naturist ideals, despite potential social stigma and weather limitations. Embracing both the joys and challenges of this unconventional sport, players find a sense of community and freedom, reflecting a broader trend towards body positivity and a return to more natural forms of recreation.


Is Playing Pickleball Nude More Prone to Injury?

Playing pickleball nude does not inherently increase the risk of major injuries related to the sport itself, such as muscle strains or joint issues. However, the lack of protective clothing means there’s a slightly higher risk of skin abrasions or minor injuries, especially if you fall or dive for the ball. It’s essential to play carefully and consider the surface you’re playing on.

How Do I Overcome Initial Discomfort or Awkwardness in Nude Pickleball?

Overcoming discomfort or awkwardness when playing nude pickleball for the first time is largely about mindset and environment. Start by choosing a supportive and understanding community or group where naturism is the norm. Gradually exposing yourself to the naturist environment can also help ease the initial discomfort. Remember, everyone is there to enjoy the game and the naturist lifestyle, so focus on the sport and the freedom it brings.

What Kind of Footwear is Best Suited for Nude Pickleball?

The right footwear is crucial in nude pickleball for both performance and safety. Choose comfortable, well-fitting tennis shoes that provide good grip and support. Shoes designed for court sports are ideal as they offer the necessary lateral support for the quick movements required in pickleball. Ensure your shoes are in good condition to reduce the risk of slips or falls.

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